About Us

Pegasus Antiques is a family owned and run antique business.

We personally tour the UK and France sourcing the world's best antique furniture and ship out to the warehouse in Geelong.

We see our entire process through from sourcing and importing the furniture, restoration, sales and deliveries all being performed by Ken and Joel.

Pegasus Antiques was founded by Ken Duggan in 1983, however the first piece that Ken ever restored was a chair when he was seven years old, which is still on display in the shop.

Ken always had a passion for antiques and a love of history. Funding his obsession by working as a school teacher, Ken worked at home, after hours and on weekends doing antique fairs.

In 1989 the business started out in the small building in Latrobe Blvd at the base of the Albion Wollen Mill. As the business expanded we slowly took over more of the woollen mill, now occupying two huge warehouses full of furniture.

In 1998 ken's son Joel joined the business as an apprentice and during the time won several awards including apprentice of the year and a furniture industry training award.

Under Ken, Joel has learned the traditional method of French polishing and together with their cabinet make Ian Sparks (an antique restorer from Bath, England), they lovingly restore each piece of furniture.

Pegasus Antiques is now one of the largest antique businesses in Australia, made possible by purchasing the best quality stock and building genuine friendships with our customers.

Pegasus Antiques is a name that is extremely well recognized and renowned locally and beyond. It has always represented quality and workmanship of the highest standard. 


After a 35-year hiatus down by the Barwon River, Pegasus Antiques warehouse door will be closing for good later in 2024- opening the stage for the rebranded Pegasus Furniture as all things furniture are deeply embedded in Joel, his plans now and moving forward, are his beloved antique furnishings meshed with a little bit of modern, contemporary, and unique. 


Pegasus will be furniture done differently and after recognizing a gap in the marketplace he recently set on a journey to fill this space. Six months prior to launching in the home of Pegasus, just prior to Christmas 2023, was spent researching and sourcing. His priority was that every piece he offered was quality in design, materials used and workmanship. His range was to encompass a mix of modern and classic and each piece clearly reflects this.


Plans are underway to be moving into a new premises in West Fyans St, Newtown around Spring.