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The restoration process…..

We at Pegasus Antiques personally restore all of the furniture using a variety of traditional methods.

Each piece requires a different approach with factors such as the circa, timber, function and most importantly the customer deciding how the restoration takes place, below are just a few methods of the many used.


Using a traditional wax is a wonderful finish; the wax brings out depth of the timber while keeping all the patina. However, if there are any deep scratches needing to be sanded out you will need to apply a finish first.

                                                                          A waxed finish

French polishing

French hand polishing is the traditional method made of shellac and can be used in many ways; from a light polish over the top of the original finish to a full French polish finish.

After French polishing a dark wax is applied. It is in this process we can determine the final finish for example how dull or shiny.

                                                             A French polished finish


Oiling gives the timber a natural look and is best suited for rustic furniture and particular types of timber.

                                                                   An Oil finish

If you look at the piece of antique furniture with the idea that less is more, it will show you what needs to be done, this is called reading a piece. We at Pegasus Antiques love working with our customers and can restore to their needs, we can customize the furniture to any special requirements and colour to compliment with other furniture in the room.

I look forward to working with you in the future

Regards, Joel Duggan

Pegasus Antiques