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The process A to Z

While Ken is the predominant purchaser of our furniture, I got the opportunity for a short buying trip to the UK and France in September with my dad in 2016. 

I would just like to share the effort and lengths we go to in order to for our business. 

Staying in the Lakes District, my dad was in contact with an old friend in Scotland with a beautiful Pollard Oak sideboard base for sale. The container was getting packed the next day, so we had to go and get it ASAP. Dad and I drove about 1.5 hours into Scotland (in the Green Machine- see below!). The sideboard was fantastic, but heavy as hell as I had to lift it with two "not as strong as they once were- old blokes". After struggling with it, we got it in and ducked away. We drove straight back to the barn where the next day it was wrapped, labelled and put on the container. 

The containers came in just before Christmas- and on it, was the sideboard. I had a customer in mind for the sideboard and when it arrived, I sent them photo's and measurements, and they went ahead with the purchase. 

It was then onto the restoration process which included locks working, hinges fixed, drawers runners and guides, doors rubbing, cleaning, French polishing, waxing and cleaning out the interior. This was about a two week process. 

I then personally delivered this now restored sideboard to its new home in Melbourne. This is the process in which each and every item we stock is sourced, and why we are so passionate about each individual piece.